India’s First National Finance Olympiad for Schools

Money Dialogues was hosted at KidZania Mumbai by Junior Finance Wiz on 19 August 2018. Watch the Session below…

Kidzania and JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ presents Money Dialogues

Panel Discussion on ‘Need for Financial Education in Kids’

Academicians, Child care experts and Global Organizations (OECD & World Economic Forum) advise Financial Education from an early age. However, the rate of Financial Literacy in India is still one of the lowest in the World.
Join us for an interactive and engaging discussion as our esteemed panel discusses, why is it necessary to introduce concepts about money, savings, banking, and personal finance at an early age!
Through this session, you can expect to learn about Why Financial Literacy is a must for today’s time. How will it help in creating a better future and What are the ways in which parents can imbibe Good Money Practices in their kids.

Money Dialogues Part 1

Money Dialogues Part 3

Money Dialogues Part 2

Money Dialogues Part 4

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Meet the Panel

Ms Satwant Palekar Picture for Finance Fundas

Mr Kiran Salunke

Senior Banking Expert with
over 12 years of Experience

Ms Satwant Palekar Picture for Finance Fundas

Mr Prakash Bhushan

National Credit Manager,
Auxilo Finance

Ms Satwant Palekar Picture for Finance Fundas

Ms Satwant Palekar

Regional School Director,
Mount Litera Zee Schools

Ms Satwant Palekar Picture for Finance Fundas

Mr Pavan Sawant

Leader in Social and Academic Development

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