India’s First National Finance Olympiad for Schools

We launched Junior Finance Wiz with the objective of taking Financial Literacy to every school and every students across India. Through this platform we are providing a unique opportunity to students, parents and schools to embrace Financial Education.

Exposure to concepts of savings, wealth creation, banking, investments, trade & commerce at an early age enables children to make better life decisions. This has been proved by the teachings of many senior leaders, organizations and individual experiences.

We were glad to see participation from every corner of the country with students from over 150 schools and 14 states participating in the program. With first time exposure to concepts in Finance through our study material and practice tests, students enjoyed learning through stories, examples and trivia. Our dynamic assessment platform challenged the students to answer questions consistently and accurately.

The Olympiad was conducted in four groups:

Group A – Class 4 & 5
Group B – Class 6 & 7
Group C – Class 8, 9 & 10
Group D – Class 11 & 12

After months of hardwork and competing against the talents from across the country, we are pleased to announce the Winners of JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ 2017-18!

The Prizes are as follows:
Winners from each group: 15000 Rs Cash prize
1st Runner Up from each group: 5000 Rs Cash Prize
2nd Runner Up from each group: 2000 Rs Cash Prize

Here is the list of winners!

Junior Finance Wiz Winners

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