India’s First National Finance Olympiad for Schools

Over 95% parents recommend Financial Education for their kids! It is not only learning about the stock market or investments, Sound Financial Acumen comes from sound money practices. From day to day spending to managing your resources better.
Good Money practices are like habits that get built over time and it is always better to start at an early age.

Most parents prefer teaching kids about piggy banks, savings and traditional and conventional ways of money management. Over 72% of kids will learn about finances from their parents. There is a need to go beyond the obvious traditional ways and open up the kids’ spectrum to a variety of tools and formal processes available in today’s age to provide a more comprehensive financial literacy.

Financial Literacy is not only about savings or the right way to spending your money any more. With digitization the forms of money are changing, the mediums of spending are evolving and money itself has become a more fluid concept as compared to notes and Gold earlier. Holistic financial knowledge involves knowledge about the formal sector, awareness about various tools available for growth and management of money and most importantly the attitude towards financial well being.

At Brainsalt Education we realised the need for a more holistic approach to financial education. We embarked on a journey to spread awareness about Financial Education and contribute in the Government’s goal of educating over 500 million citizens. While there are many initiatives for Financial Inclusion and Awareness of grown ups, there is very little being done for the fresh blood that would be inducted in the system in a few years from now. Why would we wait for them to become a part of the financial system and them figure out the processes? Why not develop sound practices and attitude when they are most impressionable and open to learning?

In partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank, we have launched JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ – India’s first National Finance Olympiad for kids between 9 to 18 years of age. Read about it here.

Through the program we are inviting schools and parents to enrol their kids and start their journey towards a bright financial future.

To understand the perspective of parents on Need for Financial Education, we ran a contest with our online partner – mycity4kids. With over 100 entries, we are happy to see that the parents resonate with our thought process and are really keen on giving the right financial education to their kids. Links to the responses: Facebook & Twitter

It gives us immense pleasure to announce some of the best entires from the following respondents:

Revauthi Rajamani Garima Rustagi Mandavi Jaiswal
Rohini KB Reddy Lalita Aggarwal Goyal Noopur Choubey Bajpai
Sonnal Pardiwala Guneet Kaur Priyanka Lodha Patwari
Vedica Saxena Venkatalakshmi Vikram Antima Singh
Ritika Subhash Payal Priyadarshini Neha Jain
Anagha Yatin‏ Abhishek Parihar‏ Dr Amrita BasuMisra
Zeny‏  Neha Gavankar‏ Kumar shah‏
Happy soul‏ Leena‏ Kaur

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