India’s First National Finance Olympiad for Schools

It takes a lot of hard work, love and energy for mothers to raise kids. As a mother, you always seem to know what’s happening with your kids, what’s right or wrong for them, and what they want. Call it a mother’s instincts or a heightened sense of awareness; you make the best decisions for your children even when you know they are tough.

You also slip into the role of a financial juggler so easily as to manage family expenses. Whether it is putting together monthly budget, choosing A over B, managing savings and expenses, and continuously accommodating the growing needs of the family in the best manner possible, you handle the money matters as aptly as you handle motherhood. This is called Finance Quotient!

Finance Quotient is the ability to make smart, web informed financial choices. In a research conducted by Brainsalt Education, it was found that mothers have the highest Finance Quotient.

Do you know that around 3/4th of kids learn about handling finances from their parents? So, the financial decisions and actions you take are also shaping up how money-wise your child will grow up to be.

Traditionally, we pick up financial knowledge and habits from our parents and grandparents. It’s not until we start earning, that we start exploring various avenues of finances such as banking, insurance, debit, credit, loans, taxes, investment and many other fundamentals. By the time we figure out our ways around these, we have already spent over 30 years of our lives.

With every new generation, kids are learning and acquiring knowledge much earlier as compared to their predecessors. Right from operating mobile phones and computers to going for movie outings and using social media, their exposure to a wider array of things is happening at a much faster pace. They are becoming smarter, wiser and more informed.

During their interactions with all these, your kids are making a lot of financial decisions, whether to buy a new gaming station or not, spend money in the cafeteria or not, buy a new backpack while the current one is still okay, etc. Shouldn’t these decisions be well-informed? Shouldn’t they know how to spend money wisely?

With an exponential rise in the kids’ exposure to various things, there is a need for them to have a much formal way of learning about money practices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in our current school curriculum as of now.

To address this gap, Brainsalt Education has launched India’s First National Finance Olympiad – JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ. By participating in the JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ, your child can learn about need vs wants, savings, banking, budgeting, trade, investments and taxes. JUNIOR FINANCE WIZ makes it simpler for both parents and students to embrace financial education.

It is an online test for which you will receive a simplified and perfected study material. Your child will enjoy reading through this in the form of stories and examples.

Financial education will not only improve the chances of your child to have a strong financial foundation, but also give him/her a chance to shine at the national level. There are prizes worth Rs 5 lakh to be won.

Registrations are open online at:

Don’t you think it would have been so nice to have this kind of financial education made available during your times while growing up? Well, it wasn’t then, but it is now available for you to raise your children with a high Finance Quotient. Go ahead, register your child now!

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